When you become a host, you will meet people from everywhere in the world, people who came to you with the envy to share moments of their live.

What we can hear of WWOOFers, when they speak about the experience they had with hosts, they express their gratitude to the family they lived with and the great memory they will retain of it.

To organise correctly the visit of a WWOOFer, specifics such as the length of stay and any other important details should be arranged when the member (Wwoofer) initially contacts you. It is often helpful to talk to the Wwoofer when they phone to determine their suitability to your situation.

As a host you have to provide accomodation the best way you can, it is true that WWOOFers and hosts like to share the same roof for practicity or other reasons, but there again other options are possible, like an indepent shed or a caravane, as long as the place is cosy.
An other point , when you welcome a WWOOFer, you have to check that this person is an active member of WWOOF (either by asking him his WWOOF booklet or his registering form).
The membership length is one year starting the date of subscription. The booklet has the name of the WWOOFer with his signature and also have the WWOOF France manager signature.

New hosts may put at hand a Visitor’s Book so that WWOOFers can sign in when they arrive with their name, address and membership number. This can be a useful record as well as having sentimental value. If there is a need to contact the WWOOFer after the visit then we will also have their details on record.

You can submit your application by creating your host profile directly on our website. We will then review your application within 10 days.

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